Saint Seiya: Death and Rebirth




Select your knight of the zodiac and let the action begin


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Saint Seiya: Death and Rebirth is a beat'em up in which players control one of the five main knights of the zodiac in order to embark on an adventure that takes you through dozens of different scenes while facing tons of enemy knights.

The game comes with a story mode that is very similar to those found in mangas and animes and in which you will have to face the dark knights, including Ikki, the Phoenix knight. Now, these won’t be the only enemies you'll face...nor will this be the only plot line which you'll find in the game.

Each one of the characters from Saint Seiya: Death and Rebirth has his own attacks and special movements taken directly from anime. Hyoga the swan, for example, freezes his enemies with ice attacks; while Seiya can invoke the armor of Sagittarius to protect briefly protect himself.

Saint Seiya: Death and Rebirth is a beat'em up that has been developed with an outstanding OpenBor, comes with an elaborate story, includes video scenes extracted directly from the cartoon series, and has a fun gameplay in which up to three players can play at the same time.
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